QIP launches high solids aerosol enamel coating technology

Next-gen custom coating technology offers coverage, value and environmental compliance

Quest Industrial Products (QIP) has developed and launched a high solids, aerosol enamel. This break through aerosol enamel offers great value and represents the next generation of custom color match touch-up paint.

A typical custom color match touch up paint is low in solids (18% by volume) and requires multiple passes and coats in order to achieve full opacity, or ample coverage. The new QIP High Solids enamel is close to 30% in volume solids which equates to much better hiding properties, with more square footage yield per can.

Best of all, this paint performance is achieved without compromising quality, gloss, dry time and cost per square foot.

Additionally, the new QIP High Solids Enamel falls well below the new environmental aerosol regulations that go into effect in 2015.

This new technology is available in the same quantities and lead times as QIP’s historic touch up enamels product lines.

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